Monday, 19 November 2012

Fitzgerald Surname Research

Introducing the work of Paul MacCotter, MA, PhD, a genealogist and professional academic (lecturer) with a doctorate in medieval history.

Paul has published extensively in these areas in various journals, and also published three books. He specialises in surname history studies and and pre-1800 Irish genealogy, and has published on these matters in the genealogical magazine Irish Roots and the journal Irish Genealogist.

Paul's surname work, in particular is unique, there’s nobody else with his level of academic expertise offering such professional services in Ireland today. This service will be of special interest to those engaged in y-chromosome dna surname studies, as it offers the possibility of testing these results against their historic background.

Check him out Fitzgeralds at

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Abbey Tours and the Fitzgeralds

Abbey Tours have taken on the Fitzgerald Clan Tour which means we will be taking bookings soon.

Please forward this link to all Fitzgerald friends and family to make sure no one misses out.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Chronicles of the Fitzgerald Clan - 7 Day Tour

Chronicles of the Fitzgerald Clan is a 7 Day tour of Ireland which trails the glorious past of the powerful Fitzgerald Clan and offers you the chance to unearth your own Fitzgerald family roots.

Enjoy a vacation of personal discovery, tracing your family roots and heritage. A trip to Ireland will help you feel connected to this magical land and leave you with memories lasting a lifetime.
Heritage Sites
Our guided tour of the Fitzgerald Clan legacy incorporates what are now some of Ireland’s largest and most popular attractions. These include Dublin Castle, Leinster House, Maynooth Castle and Glin Castle, all currently owned or once owned by the Clan.
Old Ireland Experience
Walk the streets of 19thcentury Ireland at Bunratty Folk Park and experience life in the castle at our exclusive Medieval Banquet at the Desmond Fitzgerald Castle of Adare. Relearn past arts such as turf cutting, butter churning and milking by hand.

3 Genealogy Workshops will be provided by Heritage Profile Ireland who will also provide a supervised tour of the National Library and assist with personal research if required. With prior notice, arrangements can be made for additional, private genealogy research sessions

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Welcome Fellow Fitzgeralds

We are delighted to launch our very first Fitzgerald Clan website!

Above, is our friend Maureen Ivan Fitzgerald, a Milwaukee native with strong Irish roots, who organised the Fitzgerald Clan reunion at Milwaukee IrishFest last year. Unfortunately we couldn't make it but we have big plans for big celebrations of the Fitzgerald Clan ourselves, right here in Ireland. Stay tuned for all our updates and please help us get in touch with other Fitzgerald Clan members by directing them back here to our site.